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From November 10 2018 on all major digital distribution channels.


Listen to some of the tunes here

new album



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Giuseppe Cristiano (J Crist) and Emilio Di Donato, both originally from Caserta, know each other as boys. They love art, cinema, comics and prog music, not necessarily in this order. They live life as an exciting and fun game. For them composing and playing is as pleasant as climbing on a carousel.


Beat Out music has echoes of almost all the big names of progressive music and English pop, it can't be otherwise from two guys growing up with bread, Genesis, butter and Talking Heads.

beatout-1c small.jpg

How  Beat Out was born

This CD presents a series of songs composed and recorded between 1989 and 1991, which we originally recorded on analog 4-track.

We, Emilio and Peppe, know each other since we were very young. We played in different bands in our small town, until our creative paths crossed for a few months, just before Emilio went to USA for two years, and when he returned home Peppe moved to Sweden for far more years. So, at that time, when internet was not available and distance was a high dividing wall, we put our demo recordings in a drawer, forgetting them for about thirty years or so, until now. This summer we decided that the songs were too good (for us, at least) to be left alone in our closets. So we felt that we had to publish them.

This collection of songs is an exact picture of our musical passions in the late ’80. As we were doing post production in Summer 2018, we discovered that those musical influences are still extremely valid for us. And we want to share this passion.

The mood of the songs is extremely varying in musical styles and lyrics, yet all of them have a unifying sound. There are clear influences of the Prog Era (mainly Yes / Genesis / Crimson) in some tracks (particularly in “A neat man”), and influences of ’80 big acts such as the Police, Talking Heads, XTC, Eno and other artists which we both still deeply love. There are echoes of Musique Concrète, that is the process of composing using everyday sounds and noises instead of notes, too. This technique, which was first developed in late ’40 by Pierre Shaeffer, is particularly evident in “Noises from the big zoo” and the ending section of “Lullaby for you”.

At present Peppe is a word renowned storyboard artist and graphic designer, living in a big house whose walls are full of an incredible number of music and art memorabilia, filled by  archive collection of whatever has been physically published in the field of cinematography, music, art and graphic design, while Emilio grown an interest in technology and music, resulting in a degree in electronic music and in a professorship of Music Technologies in a music lyceum.

So this is our story, and this is the music we urge to share with you.

Peppe and Emilio

beatout bandcamp banner1.jpg

Technical notes:

Magnetic cassette tapes (the medium on which we originally recorded the songs thirty years ago) are very delicate and sensitive, and tend to lose content as years go by. Our thirty  years old tapes were no exception. We tried to preserve as much as possible the original analog recordings. In 2018 we transferred to digital multitrack all the analog tracks, and then restored them whenever it was possible. We made additional recordings on August / September 2018, in order to replace erased or irredeemably damaged tracks.

Beside voice and several acoustic and electric guitars, we used such instruments as Yamaha RX8 (drums), Yamaha QX5 sequencer, Roland U220, which were quite popular those days.

Additional musicians in 1989-90 recordings:

· Leonardo La Peruta - tenor sax in Marry Me

· Almerigo Pota – flugehorn in Marry Me

· Arcangelo Di Donato - viola in Straightforwardness

Additional musicians in 2018 recordings:

· Marta Di Donato, backing voices in Louise and Welcome part 2

· Francesco Corso - viola in Straightforwardness

· Eva La Peruta - soprano sax in Marry Me and Beat Out

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